Normal and stainless steel filters

The entire series of our filters is made of chromeplated brass, produced by the forning process. This process eliminates any risk of microporosity that is likely to occur with the traditional pressure diecasting process. The trasparent glass. made of Trogamid T, a material featuring extraordinary resistence to fatigue and ageing, shows the clogging extent of the filtering cartridge
Actived carbon filters are recommended with water containing chlorine in traces-with the unpleasant smell and taste - or containing Atrazine, Molinate and other herbicides. Activated carbon has an average service life equal to 5-5 months,thereafter the filtering matter has to be replaced
Cartridge filters are installed where waer definitely free from any suspended matters is required. The filtering capability ranges 20 micron (CCA2-disposable cartridges) to 60 micron (CL2 - washable cartridges)


The OT series filter is made with top reliability materials Trogamid T and chrome.plated Bass) that allow for use under very high pressure. Some glasss from each lot are undergone breaking - and ageing tests, providing for al least 100,000 stresses from 0 to 20 bars every 6 seconds. Breaking pressure is equal to 55/60 bar. Original half-ring quick closure that makes obsolete the use of the conventional locking wrenches. Each filter is eqiupped with pipe unions with male threaded connection for quicker connection to the water network.

The stainless steel cartridge cabe 25 - 100 - 200 - 300




The F/= 1 1/2" or F80 2" filter is mainly used in large plants blocks of jointly-owned flats, industries, communities, etc.)whenever a considerable quantity of filtered water is required. Easy assembly and disassembly of the filtering unit thenks to the quick half-ring closure. Heavy duty filtering cartridge, made of twin-layer Aisi 304 stainless steel pleated wire mesh featuring a large filtering surface

The stainless steel cartridge can be 25 - 100 - 200 - 300




Thestainless steel filter is mainly used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and drink-processing industries. the head and closing ring aree made of chromeplated brass, whereas the glass section is made of Aisi 304 stainless steel. Filter is equipped with two pressure gauges that display the "p" and warn about the need to clearn on the replace the filtering unit. Possibility to mount standard 9 3/4" or 10" cartridges.




The superfiltro is used whenever it is desider to make use, besides of our Company's cartridges, of any other type of 9 3/4" or 10" cartridge available from the trade (i.e., Hytrex, Cuno, etc). Actually, the central stay bolt allows for 10mm extension.Important: Make sure that a tree space at least 30 cm wide is available below the filter for the glass disassembly