"EUROPA" Self-Cleaning Filters

The Europa "self-cleaning filter keeps all the unpleasant materials suspended in the water, like: sand limestone incrustations and collaidal substances above 60 largeness (standard of filtration). The water flow on going through the cartridge filter pushes on the meshes direction the present particles which are keept. By the timeand according the water qualitythe filtering elements clog up. to restore the cartridge filtering effectiveness is very important to start an active washing. Opening the draing-valve, a depression is creatied inside the glass, that lower the cartridgeand reverts the cleaning waterflow. The keep particles on the meshes are pushed on the water grain. Closure of the valve results in creation into the filter of the previous pressure that rises the cartridge and places the filter in service again. Usually, two or three repeated actions are enough to clean the cartridge. When the pressure-gauge is loosing load up on the head filter, it is suitable to proceed with cleaning it, because the cartridge is clogged again. The Opur' s glasses filters are made of Trogamid-T, a plastics featuring extraordinatìry resistance to cechanical stresses, to ageing and a sudded change in temperature. The Trogamid-T stability is confirmed by a breaking-test (55 bar for 1/2" -3/4" -1" -1 1/4" filter, 40 Bar for 1 1/2" -2£ filter). Its molecular structure can be modified only by alcohol and some acids. It is therefore recommended to clean the glasses with water only.


Top reability, materials(Trogamid-T chrome-plated brass and AISI 304 Stainless steel). Plates cartridge of large filtering surface and than long-endurance. Some water is enough to clean and wash the cartridge /all over about 60" second of drain). Easy disassembly of cartridge in case of inspection and replacement. For the extraction, is enough toi unscrew the closig-ring.The cartridge washing operations can be made, also in an automatic way. With our Programmes (patented model) wich operats by opening and closing the elettric-valve in days and hours proceding decide by the consumer. Moreover, every whole cycle, the programmes to the cartridge 5 stresses (about ten seconds each), to keep the particles in the botton glass and remove them in an easy way.