Proportioning Devices 3/4"-1" -1 1/4" DP/MIDI

We recommended the prportioning device DP5 plan for new waterworks installation, to avoid the limestone formation or hard warter corrosion. We notice that is enough a calciumcarbonate incrustation of 1,5 mm to reduce the central heating effect of 11%.The DP5 proportioning device assures for old plans, a protective coat production over metallics shares in contact with water in order to avoid the corrosion caused by a slow water erosion. Opur suggest two differents polyphosphate types: PS 1/H for hard water (from 15° F on), PS 1/W for soft water (from 3° F till 15° F).

This is the ,ost compact of themodels previously illustrated. The reduced height dimension facilitates inserting the MIDI into small spaces, anyway permitting high operating autonomy (3-4 months for an average family each recharge).All the construction characteristics are the same as for the DP5 and DP302 metering devices. Two single doses of polyphosphate, enough for two recharges are supplied in the original pack. to obtain a homegenous mix of the product, we also supply the recharges of Clorsan sterilised water