Proportioning devices

Our proportioning device has been realized to avoid expensive scaling from washing.machine and from pipe-ring of moderm wall central heating.By using Ventury System the polyphosphate dosage is in proportion to the water flow, that guarantees an exact and constant product injection on observance of drinkable water law.The poliphosphate micro-dosage neutralized effcaciously the precipitation of calcium-carbonate and magnesium up to a temperature of 70°-80° C making a protective coat over metallics shares in contact with water. Every 1,000 litres of delivery water the approximate polyphosphate' s dosage is 5 ppm which means 3 ppm of p2o5
After the P.D. practicality, this model, also, offers a double function possibility: by-pass of the proportioning device on general water block. Without disconnecting the water flow, is possible to operate on the glass reloading with polyphosphates, with an easy shiffing of the valve(patented model), in three positions. Otherwise close the delivery to the proportioning device and turn off the elettrical appliance to which it is connected.This possibility avoid further installation of block-valve and allows electrical appliance repair which it is applied for example to the mural heater or in the washing machine. The versatily of these two models allows the installation over planes, verticals and obliques pipes.
This is the easing and restrained of three models proposed by Opur, The water connection input/output is fixed and layed over the axle-head. Using reliable materials Opur privilege, as for others models,quality. The brss shares are forged to avoid accidents of blowhole verifiable, sometimes, in die-casting. The Trogamid T glass is made in plastic materials resistant at presure at the ageing and to the noxious action of sun ultraviolet rays.Every parcel glasses is dily submitted to a burst and to an ageing duration tests at least 100,000 stresses from 0 to 20 Bar. The pressure-test is of 50/55 Bar
We recommended the proportioning device DP 5 plan for new waterworks installation, to avoid the limestone formation or hard water corrosion.We notice that is enough a calcium carbonate incrustation of 1,5 mm to reduce the central heating effect of 11%. The DP 5 proportioning device assures for old plans, a protective coat production over metallics shares in contact with water in order to avoid the corrosion caused by a slow water erosion.. Opur suggests two differents polyphosphate types: PS !/h for hard water (from 15° F on), PS 1/W for soft water (from 3° F till 15°F). The structural arrangements of this model are: crome-plated and buffed brass head, ring and pipe fitting; Trogamid T glass shatter-proof and antiageing; bellows in naturalrubber for food processing use; polyphosphate for food processing use according to German law; extractable calibration nozzles, for cleaner; glass capacity with o-ring at beaten on head; shutting of head-glass with an original and pratical stay-ring; separation from hard water to the treated water with 2 o-ring capacity.